Wednesday, March 10, 2010

mine's not a high horse

“ And I watch your convictions melt like ice cubes in an ocean….”

Each morning when I come into work, and listen to the useless ramblings of my office mate, I get more and more motivated to escape cubicle land.

This morning her ploy at getting attention was to blast Pantera loudly through her headphones. It wasn’t an enjoyable sound, not because I’m not into Pantera (which I’m not) but because any kind of music played through the drone of headphones just sounds like someone railing a tin can against your head. But I digress. She got what she wanted, soon another cube slave made their way over and asked what she was listening to. What came next was the most annoying part of her charade; “ Oh, I’m listening to Pantera… have you heard of them? I don’t think they are new… they’re kind of old…” What did she do? Just pick something that seemed the most attention grabbing in the religious affiliated office? Could she be more desperate? “ Its pretty bad ass stuff. Pretty heavy.” Get over yourself.

I went to see the school’s counselor on Monday, and as excited as I was, I have to say the people working there had the passion of a brass doorknob. I suppose I can’t judge them, on the inside, I feel the same way while working but I never let my customers see it! Perhaps I’m not as jaded as I thought.

Needless to say, the counselor pretty much told me I needed to wait for my transcripts to be reviewed. She said the chances of my ‘online’ course credits transferring looked a bit grim, in her opinion. I’m hoping she’s wrong. For now, however, I can fulfill some credits I need that don’t have prerequisites.

I knew for sure I’d be taking psychology 101 this summer. I figured it would be a decent way to fall back into academia. I also have another humanities class to take, and Film and Literature caught my eye. I love Film. I love Literature. I love comparing movies based on books I’ve loved ,while sitting on my soap box aka couch in my living room, so perhaps I’ll give it a go.

I may be getting ahead of myself as it will take at least two years for me to finish my associates degree part-time, but I’ve been looking at schools to transfer to for my bachelors degree. The options are nil.

I find that the schools with psychology programs I like don’t cater to adult schedules, (all I’m asking for is evening and/or weekend classes, and hopefully an adult learning community) and the schools that do offer adult tracks, well, their psychology programs leave a lot to be desired.

But for now, I sit in my three walled shared cube, and listen to voice the on the other side of me discuss American idol with profound comments such as ‘nasty teeth, great voice.’ Oh, how I love the office.


  1. i managed now I am an official follower :)

    cannot empathise with you enough on annoying colleagues xx

  2. I really like the quote at the begining of the post:)
    sorry about all the cubical drama.
    i sorta get what your talking about, i work at a law offic over the summer, and ihate being in the office, its only great when we go to court.e

  3. Ok i like you i like you i like you!!!!I was just breezing thru coffee shop, thought i'd nip thru yours, but, i ended up engrossed!!!!I like!!!And i am hereby a faithful follower!
    We seem2 have plenty in common anyways;) I'm replying you from my own cubicle, lucky me, my irritating cubicle mate is off work today, i'm currently applying for an added qualification, and i'm an aspiring writer.
    C yy i like you like you like you!!!
    Oh, and i notice Gigi and chanel girl were already here before me! Hehe.
    So, stop by my page.

    N if chanel girl stops by here again, for some reason, i still cannot open your page!

  4. Since I know your cubemate I can certainly empathize with you. I also have my own hell when it comes to cubemates. I cannot stand the way she talks too loud or even shuffles her feet when she walks. I know you think I am being hypercritical but you don't reside her with her 8 long hours a day... Have we ever thought what the reverse of the cubemate hell is? What do they think and say about us?

  5. "I love Film. I love Literature. I love comparing movies based on books I’ve loved"

    me too, my friend! You're looking to be a psychology major?