Friday, March 12, 2010

fantastically friday

I always fall in love with an open door….

-death cab for cutie

Thank goodness its Friday. And what a way to welcome the weekend-its office mate’s b-day celebration which means 20 times the usual annoyance factor! *blows party horn pathetically*

As for me, I didn’t even say Happy Birthday. There were many events that led up to this state of silence that could have filled a previous blog, and perhaps maybe ill make a list one day. “Top 5 reasons I hate my cubemate”

For now, I escape. And that’s what writing is for me. The prescription bottle remains untouched in my purse, and I open Microsoft Word and begin to type.

I’ve got 35,166 words of my unfinished novel so far. 1000 of those words may have been done at home, but I guarantee the rest, if not more, were written right from this gray little corner of my world. The fluorescent light above my head buzzes and sucks out all the life and color and creativity from the world, but while its not looking I preserve mine onto the page-within my characters, in their humble surroundings. One of the settings is a yellow cottage, filled with red velvet couches and green arm chairs and paisley curtains. The girl I wish I was lives there, where it’s brighter. And she has a nose ring, something I wanted but could never get since it didn’t match the ‘business casual’ dress code. And now, well I’m almost thirty. The time for nose rings has passed.

So far I’ve stumbled across so many aspiring individuals such as myself, posting their creative and wonderful writing, for all to enjoy. I know I should be working, especially on ‘deadline Friday’.. but they wake me up. I pretend like they’re right next to me, and their written words are our conversation. For once it feels lively amidst this maze of fabric stapled walls… it’s my open door…


  1. the song i referenced:

  2. Hi!!!I cannot remember for the best of me-i was up till late last night, and i KNOWww i read some bloggs i follow and posted some comments. Thing now is, i'm not sure if it was a dream or i just didnt hit send at the end of the whole thing!lol! Well its another late night (1am), hope i don't doze off in this round!

    Your writing are nice and engaging. I'm actually commenting as regards your 1st post- i just read that.You've got a nice positive zest. Its never ever too late to try try again. Who knows, hopefully things will make sense this time around. My personal slogan for this year is "progress progress progress". Sort of similar to your post,its like i've been going round and round in circles for years without making any remarkable strides (long story), but i'm optimistic that year, and i'm pursuing it hard, hence this yeaaaaaar, a guy's gotta see visible strides! Oh, my intention for the ranting is to borrow the slogan to you;)
    Whats your novel about?
    Buzz my page when you reply. Blogger ought to send alerts or something. Or mayb i'm just not tech sauvy enough.

  3. Steph!! I love you. You had me at Ryan Gosling! Thank you so much, it's refreshing to have someone understand what I'm saying rather than just insult me! As to your blog--I love it! Have you been published at all or is this your first attempt at writing a novel? I have quite a few attempts ahah all kind of failures that don't reall represent me as a writer but here's my blog for one:

    I'd love to know what you think! and thanks for being amazing, once again. I will follow you avidly!